The Most Common Mistakes in Animation Projects


November 7, 2021

Animation projects are not easy to create. There can be a lot of challenges when working on an animation project, including the fact that you have less time to complete it than in other mediums because you need to make sure all of your work makes sense in motion. This is why animation projects usually require more planning and revisions than other media do. However, even with this extra planning, there are still common mistakes made when creating an animation project that will cost you valuable time if they aren’t caught early on.


Here are some common mistakes I see people make and how you can avoid them:

1. Not planning ahead – Animation is all about creating movement over time, so if there isn’t a plan for that change in your project then it’s going to look very flat. It’s important to have an idea of where things will move before you start animating them!

2. Making everything too flashy – Animators love making their work shiny and sparkly but sometimes adding too much detail or color can make it difficult for viewers to focus on what’s actually happening in the scene. Keep things simple by limiting details and backgrounds as much as possible

3. Not creating designs or storyboards before hiring an animator – Without these two things, your project will not go anywhere. It’s essential to create them first so you know exactly what you want from your animator. With no plans in place, there’s nothing stopping someone from creating something that doesn’t match up with what was originally planned!

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