Ping Pong Tournament Movie animation


January 5, 2019

In this century of high-tech innovations, if there is a word that is hitting the trending line, then it is animation. Since its coming, animation has brought about uncountable beneficial changes that are applicable in many fields. More particularly, animation in movies, games and the creation of product brands are the top areas in which animation has impacted. However, to become a real animator requires a lot of dedication and determination to be able to create and make pictures or games appear as if they are real. Therefore, many techniques should be learned to produce the best-animated products and services. Animated games are one area that is flooded by people. Each day a new game is being introduced in the market because of the demand from the users. Many people like to engage in games tournaments that appear to be real. They want to feel like they are part of the game and not just controlling the players. Animation has made all these requirements achievable because of the type of games it is producing.

Table tennis or commonly known as ping-pong game is one of the very interesting games that exist. Appreciation should, therefore, colors to those who founded and invented this game. A ping pong tournament made in animation is usually competitive and interesting. As an animator, you probably have been thinking on how you can create ping pong tournament in animation for sometimes but still, you haven’t figured out how. This article brings to you the best of the simple animation technique on how you can realise your dream.

The first step you should take is to prepare a suitable stage for animation to start. A document in HTML5 canvas is first created including the ping pong game properties. After that, you can then import an image background from the Adobe stock. You need to choose a good one which will ensure that the image colours of the ping pong balls, mallet, and the net do not mix so that they can appear visually clear.

Creation of the game scene is what comes next. You need to put several layers to the composition for the purposes of finalizing on the game background. This can be achieved by accessing tools such as a pen, a coloring brush and a rectangle from your computer.

The importation of the game is the actual part of the animation. A new layer for the game is created first before the game characters are imported and fitted on the animation sheet. An illustrator usually called CC, is then drawn from the illustrator library. It is your task to now create movie game symbols that you desire. The player figures, a perfect ping pong table, the net and all other components of the game are to be inserted as they await to be animated. The created game clips are then saved in the CC library.

Generating frames and keyframes for the game is one final step that follows. You need to make good frames that will not exaggerate the game. The motion tweens of the players and the balls should be made more realistic. Players need to appear as if they are real. It is therefore good to make nice adjustments to the tweens.

Finally, you can now animate the game on the main timeline and tune it to look finer to await publishing. Always remember to make admirable characters by choosing a perfect ping pong table that will make it look more appealing.

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