We are a group of screen animators with vast experience in designing and developing all types of animations. If you are planning to start an animation project, this is the first site that you should check for insights and inspiration.

Our articles cover all animation software and techniques. We will be listing the types of animation software, their merits, and demerits. Moreover, some of our articles will be exploring the tricks and tips of each software. If a certain software has various issues, we will warn you about it.

As a screen animation expert, you need to understand how infinite stories are created, how you can create gifs from short animations, and sharing your screen animations to social media. We will also be providing occasional articles from industry professionals. These are people who have been creating screen animations and other forms of animation for a long time. All in all, expect nonstop insights and tips from our website.

After we have reviewed the basic concepts, we will introduce the concept of characters. You will learn how to create rigs, illustrations, and 2D animations. After you have mastered all the details, we will also teach you how to export and save files.

Our Story

Our illustrious story began in 2005 when a group of animators met to discuss the latest animation techniques. As they went over the internet, they realized that there was very little information about screen animation. This was a worrying trend as screen animation is the main part of any online animation protocol. If a website does not have screen interface animations, it won’t attract enough visitors.

In 2010, they launched a website dedicated to screening animation. As more and more people begin to offer their insights, they thought that the website should be expanded to cover other aspects of animation. This enabled us to increase our website viewership from 5,000 monthly unique viewers to 30,000 monthly unique viewers in one year.


News & Articles

House of a movie animator

House of a movie animator

Movie animation if proving to be one of the critical ways of producing quality movies and even in the business sector in the marketing of products. Perhaps you may be an experienced producer dealing in animation or a beginner in this exciting field; it is time that...

Featured Career… Graduate Dean Koonjul

Featured Career… Graduate Dean Koonjul

Dean Koonjul Graduated in 2001 and has been working freelance in London ever since, animating and compositing with various software on music promos, commercials, TV series, company idents, short films and feature films. Most of his work involves digital compositing...

Graduates Rack Up Another Six Awards

Graduates Rack Up Another Six Awards

2005 Graduate Sharon Colman has won best short animation at the Birds Eye View Film Festival UK and the Directors Choice Animation Award at the Smogdance Film Festival USA and The Professional Jury Award for Best short film at The Sancy Film...

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