Today, impressing users with shoddy animations is a daunting task. People have become so used to interface animations that screen animation designers have been forced to up their game. As a screen animation expert, you must show how screens interact with applications to grab users’ attention.

As we were exploring animation articles on the internet, we realized that none of them provided specific information or use cases about animation. Many were interested in the presentation of general facts about animation. This is something that concerns us greatly, and we decided to come up with some new solutions. The solution was creating articles with rules, regulations, and tips on each specific animation protocol.

We want people to create interfaces that indicate what you will do. Our aim was not to provide the same old information in a new format but to provide something new and useful to the users. If you go through our website, you will see many blogs discussing each animation interface, how it’s created, and what you can do with it. In case you need more information, you are encouraged to click the contact us part of the website.

We also want animations that are of high quality and provide aesthetic value. It’s very easy to find screen animations that are not in 4K in HD. We think animation experts concentrate so much on the design part that they forget the rendering part. If a video is not rendered without enough frames, it will have low quality.

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