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We are an animation design company with more than 40 employees. Each of our employees is obsessed with designing wonderful screen animations. With the exception of design, everything else is done on a comradely basis. We have no hierarchy, bosses, or managers. Every person has complete artistic liberty. The idea is to empower everybody and create a permanent brainstorming atmosphere.

Our foundational principle is the idea that customer needs must define our operations. Every piece of software that we review was suggested by one of our readers. Members are also encouraged to propose their own ideas and create articles revolving around the ideas.

Generally, we don’t have a laid down formula when it comes to creating new projects. We had long come to appreciate the many benefits offered by a holistic approach. As a result, we explain the social, cultural, and business aspects of every project. Every screen animation design journey is thoroughly explained.

Our designers place a high premium on the aesthetics and usability of each screen animation. They seek the regular opinions of users and other industry leaders. Similarly, we are always on the lookout for new ideas, research, and iterations.

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