4 Tips Every Animation Studio Should Apply


June 28, 2020

Creating animation for the screen is an exciting engagement that requires creativity. To create some animations, you need to collaborate with a team to produce an excellent result. Because it’s a time-consuming project, there’s no better way of working than working in a comfortable environment.

Computers, different software, 3D animation, and other gadgets have significantly changed the manner and approach for drawing animations. These days, animation studios are adapting to working with devices and different creative software. But it’s not out of place to find studios still making use of the old, traditional means of creating animations.

Irrespective of the approach you want to adopt, some types of equipment are a must-have in your studio. Most important are those that’ll make your experience doing your job an easy and exciting one.

1.  Get the Right Working Table and Stool

More than anything else, you should be comfortable doing your work. The right working table and stool for your animation studio would determine how cozy, or otherwise working will be for you.

For an animation studio, the regular table and stool might not be the right one for you. Invest some time and resources to get precisely the right drawing table and stool you want for your studio.

It could be a table and stool that’s high, getting it fixed in a specific position where it can’t be moved or having extra fittings on the table. You must ensure the person building your table uses the best tools, to assure quality. Using powerful models of drilling machines, for instance, would guarantee any extra fittings you use are reliable and remains intact for years.

2. Your Furniture and Arrangement is Important

In addition to your drawing table, the furniture you use in your studio must be nothing but the best you can get. Consider adding beautiful and ecstatic pieces of furniture that’ll add to the overall beauty of your studio.

Beyond just being some piece of storehouse for the tools you use, your cupboards, and everything in your studio must add to make it attractive. It’s an animation studio where you create beautiful motion pictures. Your message should imprint on your guests and clients even while in your studio.

The way you arrange your studio equally makes the entire difference. Make a comfortable space where you can discuss business with your clients in your studio, maybe over a cup of coffee. Irrespective of the size of your studio, you can get pieces of equipment that’ll fit perfectly.

2.  Get Your Drawing Paper and Tools

Irrespective of the type of animation you opt for, you’ll still need the traditional paper and pen. Times will come when you want to draw your concept on paper before implementing your 3D animation of that concept. Which is why you must get all the tools you need handy.

Even though you use the old, traditional way of creating animations, you’ll need a computer to implement your designs. Look for and invest in the appropriate set of hardware and software tools that’ll help make your job easier and faster.

Whichever path you decide to follow, the old and traditional way of animation, or the 3D animation option, you’ll need tables while working. Where else can you place your computer and other tools you use to work? If you decide to build a stand for yourself, for instance, you must make something sustainable. Ensure using a fixed base to help you produce something reliable. Woodworking tools like wood routers can be handy to make your task easier.

4. Use a Television in Your Studio

No, it’s not for entertaining your clients in the studio. Surely, you can hang a television to treat them, but that’s not the primary reason you must have a TV in your animation studio. Beyond your clients, you need one for yourself.

Even though most of the jobs you do are on a computer screen, your audience might not see them on a computer screen. Your audience uses TVs to watch their animations. It’s vital to be sure of the quality of your job. There’s no better place to view your output than on an actual TV screen.

Also, a TV will help you see the actual colors and contrasts of your animation and enable you to make any necessary adjustments. If you can see your errors yourself, you can produce better pictures for the screens.


There’s no reason to make your animation studio less convenient for you. When your working environment is comfortable, your output is better and faster. Every piece of investment in your studio would be worth it. Most importantly, some types of equipment are essential to any animation studio, 3D or not.

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