4 Tips Every Animation Studio Should Apply

Creating animation for the screen is an exciting engagement that requires creativity. To create some animations, you need to collaborate with a team to produce an excellent result. Because it’s a time-consuming project, there’s no better way of working than working in a comfortable environment.

Computers, different software, 3D animation, and other gadgets have significantly changed the manner and approach for drawing animations. These days, animation studios are adapting to working with devices and different creative software. But it’s not out of place to find studios still making use of the old, traditional means of creating animations.

Irrespective of the approach you want to adopt, some types of equipment are a must-have in your studio. Most important are those that’ll make your experience doing your job an easy and exciting one.

1.  Get the Right Working Table and Stool

More than anything else, you should be comfortable doing your work. The right working table and stool for your animation studio would determine how cozy, or otherwise working will be for you.

For an animation studio, the regular table and stool might not be the right one for you. Invest some time and resources to get precisely the right drawing table and stool you want for your studio.

It could be a table and stool that’s high, getting it fixed in a specific position where it can’t be moved or having extra fittings on the table. You must ensure the person building your table uses the best tools, to assure quality. Using powerful models of drilling machines, for instance, would guarantee any extra fittings you use are reliable and remains intact for years.

2. Your Furniture and Arrangement is Important

In addition to your drawing table, the furniture you use in your studio must be nothing but the best you can get. Consider adding beautiful and ecstatic pieces of furniture that’ll add to the overall beauty of your studio.

Beyond just being some piece of storehouse for the tools you use, your cupboards, and everything in your studio must add to make it attractive. It’s an animation studio where you create beautiful motion pictures. Your message should imprint on your guests and clients even while in your studio.

The way you arrange your studio equally makes the entire difference. Make a comfortable space where you can discuss business with your clients in your studio, maybe over a cup of coffee. Irrespective of the size of your studio, you can get pieces of equipment that’ll fit perfectly.

2.  Get Your Drawing Paper and Tools

Irrespective of the type of animation you opt for, you’ll still need the traditional paper and pen. Times will come when you want to draw your concept on paper before implementing your 3D animation of that concept. Which is why you must get all the tools you need handy.

Even though you use the old, traditional way of creating animations, you’ll need a computer to implement your designs. Look for and invest in the appropriate set of hardware and software tools that’ll help make your job easier and faster.

Whichever path you decide to follow, the old and traditional way of animation, or the 3D animation option, you’ll need tables while working. Where else can you place your computer and other tools you use to work? If you decide to build a stand for yourself, for instance, you must make something sustainable. Ensure using a fixed base to help you produce something reliable. Woodworking tools like wood routers can be handy to make your task easier.

4. Use a Television in Your Studio

No, it’s not for entertaining your clients in the studio. Surely, you can hang a television to treat them, but that’s not the primary reason you must have a TV in your animation studio. Beyond your clients, you need one for yourself.

Even though most of the jobs you do are on a computer screen, your audience might not see them on a computer screen. Your audience uses TVs to watch their animations. It’s vital to be sure of the quality of your job. There’s no better place to view your output than on an actual TV screen.

Also, a TV will help you see the actual colors and contrasts of your animation and enable you to make any necessary adjustments. If you can see your errors yourself, you can produce better pictures for the screens.


There’s no reason to make your animation studio less convenient for you. When your working environment is comfortable, your output is better and faster. Every piece of investment in your studio would be worth it. Most importantly, some types of equipment are essential to any animation studio, 3D or not.

Why Movie Animators Should Have Steam Showers In Their Work Place

You need to have proper physical and mental health as a movie animator. You may forget to take care of your body to an extent now that this is a job that promotes sedentary life. To achieve this objective, you need to have activities that will come in handy to improve your overall well being. A steam shower is one such activity that should not miss in a schedule of a movie animator. The trick of this making sure you get to have a steam shower at the right time. It is not only that you need to do it at home you also need to have a steam shower in the workplace. Here are the health benefits of a steam shower

Aids recovery as after a workout

Work out is a  must for a movie make now that the work involves a lot of just sitting down in front of a computer. It is possible for them to gain weight and this will lead to other challenges like lifestyle diseases- diabetes, blood pressure, and obesity-related illnesses.

Relaxes the muscles allowing the body and mind to settle down

After a workout, in most cases, you notice that the muscle accumulates toxins which are responsible for the muscle pain and soreness. Steam shower comes in handy to directly work on the muscles such that the muscle relaxes and further the brain also gets to work at optimum levels enhancing total body relaxation.

Moisturizes the skin

The moisture and air that is in the steam showers directly work on the skin pores by unclogging them. This means that there is proper circulation of air for the absorption of nutrients, essential vitamins and oxygen. The fact that the skin can breathe and pass air properly then you have a proper cooling system hence promoting moisturized skin.

Acts as a detoxifier

The body sweats even when you just sit making your movie. It is only that when you are involved in a workout then the number of sweat increases. The accumulation of these waste products are toxins to the body and they interfere with the normal functioning of the body. In this case, then you need to have a way of removing them and a steam shower is the best detoxifier of all time

Boosts cardiovascular health

The air and blood and vital components that promote overall cardiovascular health. This is the pulse rate and the opening of the airwaves in the lungs. Once the heart and the lungs are functioning as desired then you are sure that your pulse rate is also working at optimum levels.

Relieves stress

Stress has become part of the life of a movie animator, as much as he may be creative then you notice that the outcome may not be what he desired and he is forced to start the whole process afresh. A steam shower comes in handy to take care of those bad days that one may feel discouraged yet he needs to still work on the upcoming movie animator. As a result of these benefits then a steam shower is a must-have appliance for the home or workplace of a movie animator.

How Spray Paints Can Be Useful For Filmmakers

The entertainment industry has become so vibrant and many people are nowadays attracted to that segment. It’s true that whenever someone has some free time, they will always need to keep themselves busy by watching some perfectly casted videos. This I why all the filmmakers must learn some tricks and tips to attract their audience. By using Spray Paints to paint the set that will be filmed, you will make the video to look more entertaining. Here are some ways through which spray paints can save filmmakers:

High speed and efficiency
There is nothing more precious than time and that’s why you will need to implement ways that can help you to work faster and efficiently. For the film production industry to be successful, painting locations where you want to shoot your videos will be very important. This cannot be archived with just the ordinary paints. It will take you too much time to use paint rollers or brushes to repaint a new building. But with spray paints, you will be able to perform the work faster and with more efficiency. Just make sure that the paint will not be left drying up to quickly eliminate clogs in the spray paint.

Versatile applications
There is no limitation as far as spray painting is concerned. Because filmmakers need to make the shooting zones more colorful and descent, one will need to an extra mile and ensure everything is worked on as expected. r No need to worry the whole working with the paint spray system because you can use it on various surfaces not limited to metal, plastic, fiberglass and wooden. You can use it with paints, primers and stains, lacquers, acrylics, and the paint will be uniform and descent.

Minimizing the film production cost
It’s common to see a painter using the conventional painting design splash some paints all over the floor. This is because whenever they are painting, there might be bounce-back and overspray which can lead to wastage of paints and resources. It also means that one will have to do a thorough cleaning after the painting to get rid of the oversprays. But with spray painting, there is no paint that will be wasted because the pressure of the spraying machine will ensure the paints are used effectively and there will be no wastage. This means you will not need to incur extra cleaning cost and wasted paints

Making the video look real
On a normal life, we expect that someone with a high living standard will need to live in a very executive compound. So making the film realistic and colorful, spray paint can be sued to produce a perfect finish. This is because they can be able to produce a pressure of 6000pounds/sq. inch. This will enable the thinner paint particles produced from the nozzle will perfectly find their way into the surface to ensure you have a perfect and uniform finish that will look more real than the other surfaces painted with rollers or brushes.

One of the challenges that many people have been facing is finding the right airless paint sprays that are why they end up doubting whether the sprays work or not. But if you are determined to make the best out of these sprays, then you can check out bestcabinettablesaw.com/airless-paint-sprayer-reviews/. This will help you to find the best one which will help to improve your film production business.

Smoked Recipes For Animators

The animation is one of the technological advancements that is taking control of most sectors. They are a form of virtual reality. Creation of multiple images which most occasions result into a movement illusion just like the animated films. However, coming up with such drawings either on a piece of paper or on a computer is not an easy task as many might think. Animation requires absolute dedication and time Animators require creativity of the highest order so that they can come up with great animation. They also need to focus and concentrate on whatever animation they are working on Apart from other difficult careers, animation also requires team collaboration.

Apparently, the kind of food the animators eat impacts differently on various tasks they do. Eating delicious food is one main thing that animators need to consider because of various reasons so that their job can be easier. Consuming a delicious food automatically qualifies it to be a healthy one Animators are often exposed to the risk of getting cancer due to overexposure to the computers and computerized materials which release a different wavelength of light that can interfere with the cell physiology. However, taking a delicious meal which contains various nutrients equips their bodies with strength and resistance to such issues. In this case, they will work harder without worrying.

Delicious foods play a great part in reducing the blood sugar level. Animators are the most likely people who can easily be affected by blood sugar level. This can happen simply because the creation of some animations may fail to happen even after the animators have invested all of their time and resources. The result is always a disappointment. Discouragement or even receiving pressure from the sponsor can result in the rise of blood pressure. Therefore, eating delicious food that is cooked properly with abundant nutrients reduces such causes by controlling the blood sugar level.

In terms of motivation especially after work, providing animators with a delicious food really works out. It brings excitement and motivation. A nice meal shows an appreciation for what the animators have achieved. Chefs need to learn how to smoke fish in an electric smoker because the electric smokers are the best when it comes to cooking fish. Animators real love this recipe.

Grilled recipes are the most satisfying kind of food for animators. There a number of reasons why grilled recipes work best in terms of making the animators comfortable and also as a great reward for them.
• Grilled recipes add an extra taste to the meal. A tasty meal will always make the animators happy. Grills usually minimize the greasy nature of the food which makes it tastier.
• Grilled foods require fewer fats. Excess fats in the body cause various diseases. Grilled food in most instances will require very little amounts of fat and in other circumstances, fats are not needed. The original flavor of the food is therefore maintained.

Smoked dishes are perhaps the best for animators. A smoked chicken is one particular smoked recipe that will definitely make animators full. It is without a doubt that animators deserve a delicious meal for the purposes of maintaining their focus and enhancing extra creativity while they are working.

Animation For Online Table Tennis Game

Table tennis is a widely popular game. It’s a great indoor game. only two players are needed to play the single table tennis game and four players are required for the double table tennis game. However, in the present time, table tennis can be enjoyed through the technology of animation. Animation has opened new windows to enjoy this game virtually.

With the help of a computer, these animations are created. To enjoy this game virtually, no human player is required. Though in some cases, human players are also needed. How this animated table tennis game is created? To create an animated table tennis game, you need a good computer. The computer or the laptop must have good graphics and extremely advanced software. This software can only create the graphical design and the format for the animation. Next, a green screen is required for the animation. Here one thing should clearly be understood. The animation can be done through either a high definition camera or through simple animated drawings. In reality, the use of green screen is seen in the movies. The animation in the movies requires two persons, two electronic bats and a table with net The persons are then dressed with electronic devices that can reflect the animation in the computer. The blue screen here helps to give a good stadium like atmosphere.

Thanks to all the animators who create such a great game only for us. It really looks amazing when such animated game is played. Online table tennis games can now be enjoyed by everyone who has a computer or smart phone. These games are for those who don’t have any partner or the equipment to play the game. The online games are made with the help of animation. But, in this case, programming is needed. Without programming, the games can’t be properly played. The convenience of playing this on line game is that you can play it anytime you want. You don’t need another player and you also don’t need table tennis equipment.

Gaming consoles are largely popular. It can be said that these gaming consoles are the future of the games. The gaming consoles use 30 or the third dimensional technology to enjoy the gam. These games are played partially in the animated world and partially in the real world. The gaming consoles don’t require any computer to run the game. Two players with two electronic bats can play this game virtually. The players move and the programming in the console capture their movements. Then they see that they are playing a perfect table tennis match which is completely animated. How to enjoy these online table tennis games or playing it not virtually? It is wise to say that choosing the best one for the money to have a great table tennis experience. If you look at high quality table tennis equipment, it will be great for you. The gaming consoles and their equipment must be of excellent quality. If you want to create animated table tennis games, you can buy a good quality computer. To enjoy the animated movies and online games on table tennis, you can search the net and select a popular one Animation has added a new dimension to enjoy the table tennis game.

Ping Pong Tournament Movie animation

In this century of high-tech innovations, if there is a word that is hitting the trending line, then it is animation. Since its coming, animation has brought about uncountable beneficial changes that are applicable in many fields. More particularly, animation in movies, games and the creation of product brands are the top areas in which animation has impacted. However, to become a real animator requires a lot of dedication and determination to be able to create and make pictures or games appear as if they are real. Therefore, many techniques should be learned to produce the best-animated products and services. Animated games are one area that is flooded by people. Each day a new game is being introduced in the market because of the demand from the users. Many people like to engage in games tournaments that appear to be real. They want to feel like they are part of the game and not just controlling the players. Animation has made all these requirements achievable because of the type of games it is producing.

Table tennis or commonly known as ping-pong game is one of the very interesting games that exist. Appreciation should, therefore, colors to those who founded and invented this game. A ping pong tournament made in animation is usually competitive and interesting. As an animator, you probably have been thinking on how you can create ping pong tournament in animation for sometimes but still, you haven’t figured out how. This article brings to you the best of the simple animation technique on how you can realise your dream.

The first step you should take is to prepare a suitable stage for animation to start. A document in HTML5 canvas is first created including the ping pong game properties. After that, you can then import an image background from the Adobe stock. You need to choose a good one which will ensure that the image colours of the ping pong balls, mallet, and the net do not mix so that they can appear visually clear.

Creation of the game scene is what comes next. You need to put several layers to the composition for the purposes of finalizing on the game background. This can be achieved by accessing tools such as a pen, a coloring brush and a rectangle from your computer.

The importation of the game is the actual part of the animation. A new layer for the game is created first before the game characters are imported and fitted on the animation sheet. An illustrator usually called CC, is then drawn from the illustrator library. It is your task to now create movie game symbols that you desire. The player figures, a perfect ping pong table, the net and all other components of the game are to be inserted as they await to be animated. The created game clips are then saved in the CC library.

Generating frames and keyframes for the game is one final step that follows. You need to make good frames that will not exaggerate the game. The motion tweens of the players and the balls should be made more realistic. Players need to appear as if they are real. It is therefore good to make nice adjustments to the tweens.

Finally, you can now animate the game on the main timeline and tune it to look finer to await publishing. Always remember to make admirable characters by choosing a perfect ping pong table that will make it look more appealing.

House of a movie animator

Movie animation if proving to be one of the critical ways of producing quality movies and even in the business sector in the marketing of products. Perhaps you may be an experienced producer dealing in animation or a beginner in this exciting field; it is time that you can think of ways that will help you produce more quality videos or animation. Movie animation that is usually conducted in a studio often manages to hit the expected target level of both the producer and the clients. However, movie animation can also be undertaken just in your home, comfortably without pressure given that the animator acquires certain appliances and tools which will make everything work out. Knowledge is at this moment given to you as a starter or an experienced person in animation on how you can make your home a place of producing quality animation movies.


An Animaker is one of the tools that will ensure the production of high-quality videos. It is a suitable platform that is incorporated with a variety of styles and templates to fit your video. Space for creating a 2D or 3D layered animation including infographic and typography is provided by this platform. Templates provide props and appealing backgrounds for pimping your animated product.

Secondly, the creation of videos that are engaging and entertaining requires a Powtoon. It is an animation software that is very user-friendly containing intuitive features. It’s good for you to use available templates and then to apply the dragging and to drop intuitive tools to make a portion that is of high quality.

A video scribe is also an important tool for in-house animation. It enables the user in drawing animated videos by using the off hand. Anything that the user wishes to draw that is not provided by other animation tools is achievable by using this tool. It gives the user the freedom of bringing any video that will fulfill their goals.

Furthermore, there is an endless list of home appliances that are also needed to provide comfort for the animator and probably his or her team. One of it is a whole house humidifier. It provides moisture to the room being used to desirable levels of comfort. Therefore, keep the home cool using whole house humidifier while working.

An air purifier is another device. Air purifiers make the air around more healthy for the animators by cleansing it. Unclean and polluted air is purified from the unwanted impurities and bad odor. As a result of air purification, the minds of the people around will remain fresh and active as they continue making the animations.

Dim light bulbs should also be on the list since the computer being used for the animation always gives out its light. Dim lighting is therefore recommended to avoid over lighting the room which could lead to eye impairment. The interior of the home also looks cozier when the lighting is dim because it gives everything contained inside it a warm glow. In this case, the animator will work more comfortable. Don’t stress yourself anymore, just adhere to the above options and experience a new beginning of movie animation.

Featured Career… Graduate Dean Koonjul

Dean Koonjul Graduated in 2001 and has been working freelance in London ever since, animating and compositing with various software on music promos, commercials, TV series, company idents, short films
and feature films.

Most of his work involves digital compositing and he has worked for , amoung others, Framestore, The Moving Picture Company, Nexus Productions, Passion Pictures, Bermuda Shorts, Cartoon Network, Scarlet Digital Imaging & Castorini.

Work includes; Superman Returns, The Da Vinci Code, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Batman Begins, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, The New CGI Captain Scarlet and Gorillaz.



Graduates Rack Up Another Six Awards

2005 Graduate Sharon Colman has won best short animation at the Birds Eye View Film Festival UK and the Directors Choice Animation Award at the Smogdance Film Festival USA and The Professional Jury Award for Best short film at The Sancy Film Festival and The Audience Prize Best Animation – at the Blaze Animation Screenings West Midlands and Shropshire, for her graduation Film Badgered.

An interview with Sharon and her fellow Oscar 
nominees is available now on an iTunes as a down-loadable Podcast.
You will need to have a copy of iTunes installed on
your computer. Go to iTunes Music Store, podcasts and search for SHORTS TV. You will find Academy Shorts Animation and The Oscar Nominated Shorts
– and best of all it’s free!


2004 Graduate John-Paul Harney (right) has won two Prizes at the Animafest Zagreb Film Festival. Brand Spanking won the Audience Award and the Special mention Award. This takes John-Paul’s awards haul to a massive Ten putting him at joint second for the most a warded film at the school.
(See the Awards link at the top of the page)