Intake 2007

Toby Jackman

As a child I copied the characters from the Beano and Dandy. Encouraged by my parents I created new characters, stories and situations on A4 printer paper for my friends and family. After the Beano I moved on to 2000AD and MAD, along side early morning cartoons, saturday matinee films on BBC2 and late night animation/short film seasons that had been recorded, I gathered influences and interests that I used in my illustrations. I took these to college to learn Graphic Design.

But some how I ended up working in a factory. The owners used to say to me 'why are you here', ' you are too talented to be working in a place like this', and 'that's a lovely cup of tea.'.
I had a routine, mindless work encourages an imagination to flourish in the most peculiar ways. Mine seemed to leak from a pen or pencil, forming stories, characters and situations.
Then one day I said sod this, finished up a lovely cup of tea and didn't look back. Except to wave goodbye to my friends.

I took the back roads to the city of Norwich (negotiating music and illustration on the way) and when I left, I had earned First Class honours in an Animation BA as well as completing a short animation for the Ancient house Museum in Thetford. Well, I thought, lets go to the National Film and Television School, so I did.

Now I am here I have been given the opportunity and time to create and master other areas of animation and film making. As well as continue to fill more sketch books with more ideas.

Unfortunately since realising my potential in animation my tea making skills suffered and I started drinking coffee more.


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