Tibor Banoczki

I do not remember how I was born, but they said the doctor had to break off watching the Sunday film to help my mother. He was furious 'cause it was his favourite, ‘Crime Night'. So my story started with another interrupted one. I have constant remorse about it.

I graduated at the animation department of Hungarian Academy of Applied arts. I made several films as a director and as a co-director with my friend, Laszlo Csaki. In 2001 I made my first animated short film with oil-painting technique, Dead Water. My graduation film in the Academy was a TV Special called "The Clap Dudes..."

Since then, life has been loading my pockets full of incomplete pieces of stories, shattered ones, and sometimes I bring some pieces out and try to join them together... Thank God this pocket is not empty yet! And maybe, deeply inside, I hope someone will interrupt these stories with a birth!...

Films at the NFTS include

Milk Teeth (Graduation Film) above

Mrs. Capsule (MTV Load)

The Bridge (Kodak Student Commercial 2005)

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