Shaun Clark

I studied animation at the Hull School of Art and Design, experimenting with numerous animation techniques including paint on glass, scratching directly onto film, mono-prints and manipulated photography. I also made two pixillation films there, before directing and animating a 5-minute cel animation, Lost Property.

I then joined the NFTS where I have concentrated on developing my narrative skills. In my first year at the School, I wrote a children's animated series, directed actors in a short live action shoot and created a short film, Terminus.

After this I took a year out to teach film and animation to adult learners, university graduates and school children. Returning to the NFTS, I started work on my graduation film, Lightman, a 2D illustrated cut-out animation. I also animated and directed two 'Art Breaks' for MTV.

I am currently developing a number of short animated scripts for which I am seeking funding, whilst also looking for commercial work and studio representation.

Stills from "Lightman"  Graduation film


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