Rebecca Archer

One day a cocky Yorkshire man in a flashy sports car and a farmer's daughter from Staffordshire, somehow crossed paths…
As a result, on April 25 th 1989 Rebecca was booted out of the womb by her twin sister and introduced to the industrial potters' town of Stoke On Trent.
By the age of 3 they were whisked away to the Staffordshire countryside, where they enjoyed their adolescent years in their own wonderland; frolicking in the fields and pretending to be cowboys and Indians, or making tiny mud villages.
Brought up on a mixture of westerns and dramas they were in love with Television. Every morning they were excited to turn on the television before school and watch cartoons such as Thundercats & The Moomins. However, their true love was watching Disney films. Their Mother would allow them to watch Dumbo to their hearts content whilst catching up on the washing and ironing.
To sort the “little horrors'” out, they were sent to a Grammar School. Here Rebecca learnt that she was not as academic, as she was artistic. She enjoyed painting and installations, but found herself yearning to see movement in her work. For her A levels, she made two short films and on a foundation course, she completed a stop motion short, realising that Animation was the right career path.
With a BA Honours Degree in Animation at The University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, Rebecca was given the tools she needed to pursue Directing Animation further. She looks forward to exploring the world of film and creating something she can truly be proud of.


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