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Magda Osinska

From early childhood I loved to make up stories and illustrate them. In my home were always thousands of books that
my father used to read me. My childhood was full of Polish fairytales about witches, ogres and werewolves. Funny for my father, but scary for me. He also invented stories and I would never go
to sleep if he did not tell me a new one.
I made my own stories as well, my own toys and invent new games. I think that, in a way, being denied those childhood luxuries helped me develop my own creative voice at a young age.
From that time I remember I always drew everywhere, even on walls.

Then I drew in at Art Collage in Warsaw , where after 5 years study I got diploma from exhibition design. After that I decided that the still image is no enough for me and that scriptwriting, storytelling and art combine together are ideal output for my ideas. I studied in National Polish Film School in Lodz at the Cinematography Department, at specialization Animation for four years. I assisted on many student productions in a variety of roles such as: art direction, costumes, make-up and even acting. Last year I have done the Three Month Animation Course in Bristol that helps me to improve my technical skills in puppet animation. Then for eight months, I worked with a group of professional animators on the movie, “The Lost Town of Switez” by Kamil Polak. My job was as an animator and texture artist. I enjoyed the experience and it helped prepare me for my next project, at SE – MA – FOR animation studio, making my own graduate movie “Joyets”.



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