Fu Wing Yan, Lilian

I was born in Hong Kong where it is a very good place to enjoy both Anime and Western cartoons in my childhood. Every 3 months after examination, my mum would show animation she prepared for me and my sisters (everytime the same list). So I had watched almost all Disney and Hayao Miyazaki's animation, even more, I have watched My Neighbour Totoro, Lion King, Castle in the sky, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and Fantasia for more than 10 times.

The most interesting thing is that I never feel bored by these films; I
felt the same excitement, the same agony, the same wonder every time
I watched these movies.
And that is why I want to be a story-teller, to tell stories which can fascinate people, grasp people's heart every time they watch them.

Strangely, I went on to do a BA major in critical theory instead of Animation as my major. I knew I did a right choice because it helped me develop a sensation that can be both critical and analytical, which is utmost important for establishing an idea to a complete story.

I never bound myself to just one or two animation techniques, as I always want to experiment as much as I can as well as narrative form. NFTS would be a wonderful place for me in these two years.

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