Kristina Yee

I was born and raised in Fairfield, California, a suburb located in the north Bay Area, just far enough away from San Francisco to make it seem like an exotic and exciting place. In my hometown's rather uninspired surroundings, my three siblings and I spent a great deal of time in worlds of our own creation, as well as in the local library, dreaming of far away places. I was an avid reader, drew constantly, and loved more than anything to go to the movies. My mother forbade us to have coloring books, believing it would stifle our creativity.

In high school my sister was lucky enough to spend a summer at an
art camp where she learned some of the basics of animation and shared that knowledge with me.
That introduction, combined with a visit to the sleek, modern Pixar studios located in Emeryville, California, piqued my interest in the field of animation. I was delighted to find that people did this for a living, and that I might be able to be one of them.

Having limited artistic resources at my public high school, it wasn't until I got to college that I finally got a real introduction to the world of animation. I went to Harvard and amongst the first classes that I took my Freshman year was an animation class. I loved it. Still unsure if I would pursue animation professionally, I declared my major as Folklore and Mythology, continuing to indulge my love of storytelling. As the years went on, I found that my life revolved more and more around art and animation I made three animated films and spent a great deal of time illustrating for the Harvard Lampoon (the campus humor magazine that is housed in a small castle) and the Harvard Independent. I knew by the time I graduated that I would be pursuing animation and illustration professionally. I hope to become involved in children's television and movies and perhaps help other children to someday escape to worlds more fantastic their own.

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