Kim Noce

I graduated from the University of Art in Italy and exhibited my work in several galleries across Europe, mixing different media from photography to installation, painting, sculpture and video. Moving to London, I worked as an animator; editor and production designer on a number of small independent productions, which were selected in several festivals, including Cannes, Clermont-Ferrand, Edinburgh and London.

Combining eclectic skills and knowledge, my interest focused in animation and documentary. This "marriage" led to my graduation film, "After", an animation-documentary that explores the power of sound, music and voices through traditional techniques such as clay and paint on glass.

I have recently been selected for Channel 4's Animator in Residence Scheme to direct my next film in 2006. I am keen to push my boundaries and my curiosity yet further into commercials, pop promos and any other form of moving images.


"After" Graduation Film

Kim at work on animating under the rostrum camera.

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