Graduate 2001

I began to study animation in 1993, at first with 2-D drawn techniques before a short workshop introduced me to 3-D puppets and stop motion animation. I was hooked immediately and went on to produce my degree film, A Wicked Influence, which won a regional Royal Television Society student award and was screened at the 1996 British Short Film Festival.

After a brief period, which included model-making experience at Aardman Animations and Spitting Image, I enrolled at the NFTS in 1998 to improve and expand my skills.  Aside from being able to work alongside some very talented people on my two main projects here, I have enjoyed the new experiences of directing professional actors for voice-overs, writing my films and, especially, of developing into lip-sync character animation.  Hopefully, my love of my characters comes across in my films.

Directly after leaving the NFTS, i spent 5 months working for Absolutely
Productions as a story and script writer on 'The Dark' to expand it into a
possible series (potentially 13 episodes of 24 mins) - it is presently being
'tweaked' and a search for backing from a broadcaster is underway..! I've
also returned to Cosgrove Hall Films for a 2 week stint as an animator on
'Engie Benjy'- a childrens puppet series, did an animation 'test' with Aardman and also have possibilities of starting up with Lion Television, and a project with a scriptwriter (also an NFTS graduate).

"Lounge Act" was nominated for a BAFTA in the 2001 selection.

Film manufacturing giant Kodak are currently running a speacial feature on Gareth and his graduation film "The Dark".
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The Dark

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