My first year and a half after leaving the NFTS I worked freelance, surviving with odd jobs producing title sequences, illustration, and web/interactive work.  Since then I have been working almost exclusively for Impossible Television (the animation arm of Planet 24 Productions.) I initially found work with them producing designs, storyboards and animatics for their development work. Then went on to work animating and editing on three series of late night interstitials for channel 4's 4later Zone.

Work has involved producing animated inserts for a Channel 5 animated magazine show 'Too Much TV' which was nominated for a BAFTA and directing an 11 minute Christmas special 'Audrey and Friends' aimed at teenage girls (also for Channel 5) which I created for Impossible TV a 26 part animated series.

Since then I've worked as a Compositor/FX animator, Texture Artist and Editor (yes we really multi-task at Impossible!) on 2 x 40 episode series of 'MechaNick' for Channel 5. Directed/Animated several title sequences for E4 shows including 'Can you pull?' and (the now banned) 'Little Friends' ... Assisted on some channel specific advertising for Heinz and Caprisun. ...and am now in the middle of production for another 2 x 30 episode pre-school series for Channel 5 (in the same role as for 'MechaNick').... phew!

What can I say about preparing yourself for finding work in the animation industry... be realistic, most work is on commercial projects, so don't be afraid of having something 'commercial' on your showreel. This is not selling out, it's just being realistic about wanting to earn a living!

Lilly makes it a Mystery

Audrey & Friends (Channel5)

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