Recent Graduate
My first contact with the cinema was as translator for my grandmother back home in Malaysia. She had a voracious appetite for films and would literally watch anything: Hindi melodramas, Hong Kong action serials, Stewart Grainger movies and anything with Charlton Heston. Curiously her favourite was “Bridge on the river Kwai”.

It was odd to grow up in a culture that undervalues itself because of cinema and then to arrive in a country where the reverse is true. My time at the NFTS has taught me that you can’t reverse-engineer culture, copying an old design and duplicating the componentsthat seem to make the thing work. You have to come up with something new.

After leaving the NFTS, I worked as a freelance animator on various music videos including projects with The Levellers and Dave Stewart. I also ventured into live-action direction on a couple of low-budget music videos.

I have been with MTV since Sept 1999. I head the small inhouse On-air Promotions team, and I am in charge of deciding the channel aesthetics and promo strategy for our various channels - MTV Philippines, MTV South East Asia, and very soon MTV Indonesia and MTV Thailand.


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