Bexie Bush

People describe me as Sunny- Creative - Tall- Quirky- Fun. I love animation, song writing, singing, music and photography.
My brother and I have grown up in an artistic household, with animators and musicians around us, surrounded by a children's TV world of animated film, sound, music, design and video game production. My parents work in creative media, so as children we were familiar with anything from their work, such as ‘Wind in the Willows' and ‘Dangermouse,' to Disney videogames and ‘The Smiths Album.'

From an early age I loved using glue and scissors, collecting images, watching animated cartoons, drawing and painting. At 16, I was lucky enough to be overall winner of the Clothes Show Live National Poster 2006 competition and I was able to take my whole class from Greenbank High School to the event. In my last year at school in 2007, I developed a passion for song writing and won First place in the local ‘Battle of the Bands' competition. I continued to write and sing my own music and in 2008 I was runner up in the 'LIPA – ‘Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts' song writing competition. Music is a form of natural expression for me and I still enjoy both performing and composing songs.

However, I discovered my passion for animation during my BTEC National Diploma in Multimedia course under the guidance of Diane Clarke at Southport College. The emphasis on this course was placed on thorough research, which I follow to this day.

From there, the degree course in Animation at Farnham, UCA was a wonderful and nurturing place to discover and explore the various aspects of animation. Lesley Adams and her course team taught me to develop my skills further and express my ideas individually and my student films were screened at various festivals. My favourite medium is stop-motion animation mixed with digital manipulation of imagery. I like working with fabric because it adds a ‘tangible,' textural quality.

In 2011, I was excited to work on a film for the Creative Climate project in association with Dr. Joe Smith of the Open University and the BBC. In the same year I won the Anthony Minghella Award for Best Short Film at Hull Glimmer Festival 2011. I was also a finalist in the RedBull Canimation contest and my BBC film was accepted for the BFI and Futures Festivals.
 I enjoy working with people and can often see the humorous side of life. I believe this is represented in my work. My goal is to re-introduce ‘stop-motion' as a hip, fresh and very exciting form of digital media that can be used as a powerful tool for reaching an audience. I feel that my work is going well when it is humorous, creative, abstract and a little controversial. I am about to embark on the next stage of my creative development as I begin as a new student in Animation Direction at the National Film and Television School, Beaconsfield.


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