Ana Caro

I was born in 1984 Bogotá, Colombia. A place full of flowers, colors,birds and beautiful people. My mom took me to the cinema when I was 4 years old, we watched "E.T" by Steven Spielberg, that was the begging of my passion for films.

After that my dad and I used to go to the cinema almost one time a week when i was growing up. He loves action, romance, comedy, but specially animation, So I was able to experience so many different types of cinema and I don't think we ever missed any Disney film since then.

Ever since primary school I was drawing all the time in the corners of my notebooks, but I was very influenced by my brother David to become a biologist. Nevertheless inside me I had a burning passion for music and the arts. However, I changed my mind close to my high school graduation and I decided to study Visual Arts in Javeriana University, Bogota. There I met the tutors (Carlos Santa and Cecilia Translavina) they taught me how to "dibujar en el tiempo" (draw in the time) and the magic of animation.
I watched " Tales of tales" by Yuri Norstein and I definitely fell in love with animation and decided I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. After a few years of experience in classic animation.

I made my first 10 minutes film " My name is Marian"  and after that I have been working on experimental animation, I'm very interested to tell personal stories, memories of childhood and all the simple feelings that humans have inside. Using animation like a tool, I want to make the audience feel emotion, and deliver stories and passion in this magical way. Recently, I have become very interested in documentary animation and I am now ready to start this new journey in further developing my creativity at the NFTS thanks to my older brother Juan Carlos and my parents.


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